Saturday, July 7, 2018

Happenstance or not?

What's deserved. What's not?

In college
I majored in Classics
With one other
Classics major.
We split the award
For Classics majors.
Or not?
I was interviewed
For readiness
To attend seminary
At a summer camp
In the room I shared
With another woman
My underwear
Was in the middle
Of the floor.
Does God speak to you?
He asked
I haven't seen
Any burning bushes lately
I said
They sent me
To seminary.
Or not?
In seminary
I received
The Women's Board Award
There were
Two women.
Or not?
I also received
The Hebrew Prize
I was the only one
Who took Hebrew
That year.
I got solid C's.
Or not?
So many things
Or not?
I have still
Not seen any
Burning bushes.

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