Thursday, August 6, 2015

Not in control

We all have decisions to make all the time. I declare this is day one of our matter when we leave. We have a reservation for seven nights at an airbnb in North Carolina starting tomorrow night. We may only stay there six nights. Still... I declare... this is day one of our vacation.

I am not in control.

The kitten has reset certain settings
On my computer
By walking on the keyboard,
Clicking unknown keys.

I am not in control.
Three of us are leaving today
For vacation
The other two are still asleep
With clothes in the washer
And dryer.
They arrived home at 11
Last night.
I am not
I am not
In control.
I am awake
And writing this.
We may be a day late
To leave for vacation
So I have begun my vacation
Hot coffee in my hand.
I watch the cats,
The sun pouring
Through the window.
My two companions
Are still asleep.

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