Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lost words

Home and thinking about NIH, One of the medications I'm on (I believe) makes word retrieval sometimes difficult. For a "word person" this is hard. Still, I have names for a couple more pieces to the puzzle, The neuropathy in my legs and feet was caused by my being on floor in a particular position for hours in April. It even has a special name "toilet seat neuropathy." This appeals to my quirky sense of humor. They found "bright spots" in my brain, which will need to be watched, My EEG shows I am predisposed to seizures. Who knew?

When I take my time
Lost words
Are found
Rather like lost socks
In the washer
In the dryer
Or never washed
At all.
When I take my time
Lost words appear
From the bright spots
In my brain,
Those undefined
Bright spots.

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