Monday, January 2, 2017

Annual letter

It is January 2 and I've written my annual letter to the Bishop. And now my Beloved reads me yesterday's Peanuts cartoon about Snoopy's annual report to the Head Beagle. Clergy friends: Worth reading. "How many cats have you chased?"

I have written
The annual letter.
It explains the year
In unrelated terms
Much of what
 I have done
In twelve months.
Not exactly
A Christmas letter.
No gall bladders here.
No one graduated.
No newly acquired
I have never written
A Christmas letter.
I left the land
Of parochial reports
Its number of people
Its number of baptisms
Its number of weddings
Ten years ago now
The comparisons
With past years.
Now I write
The annual letter
With no comparisons
No one counts the things
I consider counting.
In fact
Everything is always new

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