Wednesday, January 25, 2017

backseat memories

Thanks Kelly Flanagan...for the memories. Years ago, a Siamese cat showed up on the doorstep. We suspect our neighbor was feeding it there. He appeared to be homeless. We adopted him.

Years ago
From the backseat
Came a five year old voice:
What happens
To the animals
Who don’t get adopted?
I know he was thinking
Of the cat
Who showed up
On our doorstep.
This mother
Finally came up
With an answer
As gentle
As truthful
As I could make it:
They gently kill them.
Long silence
In the backseat.
I have the answer
He said.
What is it?
I asked.
We should give them
To all the prisoners
So they won’t be lonely.
My mind conjured up
A cat on every lap.
A cat box
In every cell

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