Thursday, January 19, 2012


We are always seeking answers.  This seems the nature of being human.  We watch things move around us: the clouds, for instance.  This morning they were in an odd ripple formation.  When we had the conversation around what caused the formation, I came down on the side of ice crystals, and my husband said: winds in the upper atmosphere.  I heard him say:  the upper atmosphere wins.  Older hearing... it makes for interesting arguments.  Particularly when we both have almost exactly the same knowledge, which amounts to very little on this subject.  
Knowing little, we prepare for alternatives by having the pile of boots and shoes by the front door.  

The temperature moves up and down
The Fahrenheit scale.
The snow comes and goes and threatens
To come again.
We watch the clouds form
Unusual patterns,
Openly wonder what causes them.
My husband says the answer is always
Winds in the upper atmosphere
Or ice crystals.
I vote for ice crystals.
He favors the winds.
We each have exactly
The same amount of knowledge.
We watch the temperature move
Up and down.
There is a threat,
Perhaps a promise,
Of snow tomorrow.
The pile of shoes and boots
By the front door
Stands ready for all possibilities.

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