Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What*s next?

No one ever said I would know what*s next when I passed the CADC exam.  In fact, I didn*t know that was what I was expecting until the letdown came.  Sure the women behind the desk in the testing center cheered for me.  Now what?  I thought when I saw the passing score on the computer screen.  No, I was not expecting a blazing star in the East.  Though I was kind of hoping for more order somehow.  A clear light shining on the next step, maybe.  A hint?

Passing the test meant
It was finally over.
The Next Thing
The Next Thing
Did not manifest itself.
No star in the East.
No star in any direction,
Just the regular sun.
It set as usual that evening
Still in the west.
We had Chinese for dinner.
How many times do I think:
Now it will be clear
I will know
The order of things.
Now the way is cleared.
I wait for the Next Thing.
And wait.
Today the sun set as usual.
Snow is promised (again)
For tomorrow.
The snowblower is ready in the garage.
I had leftover turkey soup from Thanksgiving
For dinner.
The cat is asleep
He wheezes in the chair.
The moon was bright and full last night
A few stars shone.
They may shine again tonight.
They may shine again.

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