Friday, July 11, 2014


Several interesting conversations this week.  My trainer asked me if I keep a daily journal of my medical symptoms.  I told her I blog... but the blog is way more than medical.  I found myself naming, to a fellow therapist, that part of my vocation has always been to apply for positions I knew would not consider me a viable candidate due to my gender and/or political position.  I have delighted in the interviews, and sometimes...rarely... but sometimes... I have been called.

This week I realized
Part of my vocation
Is to apply for positions
Which may never
Consider me a match.
All the information,
All the experience
I have accumulated
Is useful
Has been useful
Will be useful
And somehow
I know this is true.
Do you keep a journal?
She asks.
I know she thinks particularly
About medical things.
I say
I blog.
Medical things are really only
A small piece
Of the whole.

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