Friday, February 10, 2012

Ecclesiastical Acts

This is the season of parochial reports.  Every parish needs to file a parochial report.  There are numbers which must to tallied, people counted. 
For those of us ordained folk without a parish, we need to name and number Ecclesiastical Acts.  Have we been out and about?  What have we been doing?  This is a good thing, I think.  But it seems that it might be a good exercise for all of us ordained folk, inside and outside parish ministry.  A good thing to report where we are, what was important last year, what are we looking forward to this year.  Maybe something along the lines of a Christmas letter so many used to write.

It is February again,
The time for all non-churched clergy
To report their activities
Of the past year.
We are invited
To fill out a form.
It asks for the naming of
Ecclesiastical Acts,
Where we did them.
They will not be part
Of any databank
Of ecclesiastical acts.
There is no definition even
Of the term.
We are supposed to know
What counts.
I have never known
What counts,
Even in my parish church days
I did not know what counted
I continue not to know.

I choose the letter format.
I can write what needs to be said.
The Bishop may read it.
What did I do last year?
What are my hopes and aspirations?
In the larger scheme of things:
What counts?
In the larger scheme of things
What deserves
To be highlighted?
What deserves
To be mentioned?

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