Monday, February 20, 2012


Wow.  Last week a teenage girl from North Caroline ranted on Facebook about her parents. Then her father saw it, taped himself on YouTube reciting what she had said, and then shot her computer with nine hollow-point rounds.  Wow.  I have read many things which name what was going on here. The expressions include everything from horror to justification.  I suspect our personal experiences have something to do with our reactions.  It usually does.  Mine was closer to the horrified end, my daughter*s reaction, not as much.  I don*t pretend to know what this means.

I grew up
We grew up
With a gun in the house,
Carefully stored away
For possible protection
Against unknown intruders.
There were none.
I grew up
We all grew up
We knew guns were not meant
To kill anything.
The gun lived in my father*s
Bottom drawer
Cleaned and primed
Never aimed at anything
Or anyone
Except perhaps
A target on the range.
My mind tries to wrap around
The teen*s computer
Shot to death
By her father.
It was punishment
For misuse.
It was rage.
It was shot to death
By her father.
Nine exploding hollow-point bullets.
The computer was killed
Nine times over.
Perhaps it*s understandable
Where I grew up
The gun
Was kept in the bottom drawer
Under my father*s underwear.
It was never used to kill

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