Saturday, February 18, 2012

Soon enough

Today is sunny and snowless.  I know the winter is not over.  I have discovered we live in a decent place for someone who needs to walk places.  Amenities (grocery, drug store, hardware store, train station... not to mention the library and Starbucks) are in easy walking distance.  When it snows?  Not so easy.  The temptation is to focus on spring, particularly in this unseasonable winter that masquerades as spring.  Soon enough I will be driving.  I will most likely lose the perspective of the walker, the perspective of the one who needs to be driven.  Maybe I will remember some pieces. Already it begins to fade.

Soon enough
I will be driving.
The streets will look less dark.
When it snows,
The uncleared sidewalks
Will give me no nevermind.
Now I know the property
No one claims.
Soon enough
I will not pick my way
To the library
To Starbucks
As I skirt
Humps of ice
On unclaimed sidewalks.
I will not be eye-level
With those who walk.
Soon enough I will
Be driving.

Now I walk street-level
With those I never used to see.
Each of us a different story.
We are more
Than a motley crew:
Like everyone else
Even those who drive.

Soon enough I will
Be driving
Soon enough it will be spring
Soon enough it will all
Be different.
Soon enough
It will all be
The same.


  1. I stopped riding my bike in Costa Rica and stopped driving state-side when taking a med that made me dizzy. I grew quite attached to my neighbors, especially those state-side who don't drive probably for the same reason. I stopped the med, but have never wanted to stop walking.

    Hmm. Your poem about your own walking (and personal journey related to it) brings to light a theme that is developing in mine. It also reveals to me that the med was a gift. It didn't work, so I got to stop taking it and am no longer dizzy. But the gift remains.

    That's my story about your poem. Poetry does that.

  2. Thanks, Willa. This being the second time around the post-seizure track, I pray to keep the gift of new perspective this time around.