Monday, February 13, 2012

Time to focus on the ducks

Back before the blog I wrote about the ducks out back ... a lot.  They are still there every morning, part of the  morning landscape.  Because I have been paying attention to other things, I have not really seen them for awhile.  For quite awhile.  This morning: there they are again.

Time to focus on the ducks
Some are hunkered down
Across the way
Drop in their flight angled,
Land heel first
Do ducks have heels?
Land heel first
Skid on the creek
Duck waddle up the hill
Figure where the corn is
The perfect spot to hunker down
The spot the corn landed.
Most likely thrown
By the lady in red.
This year I only conjecture
She wears red.
Maybe this year it is someone
Entirely different
In blue.
I only see the ducks
This morning.

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