Saturday, March 8, 2014

Birthday announcement

Sound asleep, I heard the voice on my phone proclaiming a text from my son.  Fuzzily I tried to answer out loud.  It's a text, said the sleepy voice next to me.  It's a text.

The phone is set
To announce messages
In a tinny female voice.
She woke me this morning
From dream-filled sleep
Proclaimed a text
From my son.
He thanked me
For his birth and life
At the end of his 26th year
It’s been a good life
He wrote.
I remember it was warm
The day before he was born
One of the first warm days
Of spring
No snow on the ground
It was warm
I tell you
His dad and I walked
Around the campus
At the University of Chicago.
We hoped to bring on
Those first pains
Of labor.
He was born the next day
Exactly on his due date,
27 years ago.

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