Sunday, March 16, 2014

Chronological spring

It feels different today.  OK, the anti-depressant helps a ton.  I could be the poster child for this medication.  But still.  It feels different today.  The snow dust feels like simple snow dust.  The cold feels temporary.  The light indeed slants different.  The animals put on the behavior of spring. Chronological spring arrives in less than a week.  I think it may actually come.

Perhaps it’s the date
Chronological spring
Just around the corner
There was a dust of snow last night
It is cold today
But sure
The light slants different
Chronological spring
Looms large
The doors open
To snow melted
Grass uncovered
The squirrels in back
Play leap and chase
No snow dust or cold
Deter the sure progression
Chronological spring
Will have its way
Chronological spring
Will surely
Have its way.

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