Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dreams melt

This weekend my dreams combined people from past parishes with my current parish, even as we were in Denver exploring possibilities for next year, and I celebrated year 59.  We are home now. The cat seems grateful.  I am grateful for another year of living, and looking forward to the coming year, even as I dream of  people and time and experiences melted together.  Maybe spring is finally here.  

Dreams melt
Pieces of history together
Like so many
Wax color crayons
Left in the sun.
People who have never met
Have rich engaging conversations
At night.
At night they even appear
Fast friends.
Dreams melt
Places and times together
Childhood trips to the beach
Take a single minute
End in mountain snow.
At night.
At night vacations
Meld the train trip to California
At age seven
With the time we rented a car
In our fifties.
Drove the hill country around L.A.
Me in the back seat
The GPS steering us in the wrong direction
For ice cream.
Dreams melt
Potentially disparate events
This weekend
We added Denver to the mix.
I wonder what night conversations
Will be included
By this crayon discovered
In the light of day.

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