Sunday, June 29, 2014

Camel rides

Yes. This is another morning dream.  I do sometimes wonder about the medications I take.  My beloved and I are home from church today.  He is grading.  I am... well... I am not driving... so I have to be home dreaming about renting camels.  Pretty funny.

This morning the church I attend
Rented a camel
For a week.
The church woman
In charge of camel oversight
Was an unlikely choice.
It was a delight however
To watch her
Introduce the camel
To the congregation.
The camel himself
Was a delight.
Decided this would be good
For Glen Ellyn
A camel in the parking lot
An indulgent camel,
As far as camels go,
An indulgent camel moved
From the lower lot
To the upper lot
All week.
Camel rides.

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