Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday home

After the last seizure episode, my meds were increased.  Odd... but good... I think things are where they need to be.  It took a couple weeks, but now, Wednesday home, I have introduced my beloved to my therapist, and later this week we visit two of my doctors.  And of course, we have done more driving around and looking at things... something we do well together.  Last night and this morning the clouds particularly caught our attention.

We drove and talked
And looked at things,
The way we always do,
The way we always have.
Then I introduced you
To someone I have known
For eight years now
So you could know him
As part of my life,
And maybe more than the way
I have described.
It never occurred to me
To introduce him
Now I am Wednesday home.
I find one more medicine
Has been adjusted
To work as it should.
I did not know this should
I am Wednesday home.
I find new possibility.

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