Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Magenta petunia

I found myself thinking about my Dad as I planted the pots in front of the house with petunias.  He called all flowers petunias.  There is one, unforeseen, unplanned, magenta petunia in the right hand pot next to the front door.  I see it and think about Dad.

He called all flowers
No matter what they were
This year is the first one
I planted petunias,
Really petunias,
In the front pots.
We bought all purple
Except one bloomed
It is fitting
They are not all
The same,
These petunias planted
The day after Father’s Day.
He called everything that bloomed
A petunia.
It was his way.
He would appreciate
That magenta petunia
In the midst
Of a sea
Of purple.

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