Monday, June 30, 2014


Have you checked your spam folder recently?  I admit I am not the most diligent spam checker.  Usually I check it when my blog entry doesn't show in my inbox.   Odd that something so regular ends up in spam. Maybe I used a spam word, like all the entries from foreign countries asking for money.  Maybe Julian of Norwich is suspect... somehow.  I'm sure she is.  Any post declaring that All will be well, and all manner of things will be well is potentially... suspect.  Potentially spam-worthy.

I find the oddest things
In spam,
Things I choose to see
Every day
These things
Randomly choose
To hide
Out of sight.
Today my blog went missing.
I wonder
What sends things packing
To Spam,
The camping breakfast meat
It used to taste oh so fine
Fried over a campfire
I understand for Koreans
It is a delicacy
Now it is a category
For things dumped
After thirty days
The oddest things
Even things I choose to see
Every day.

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