Friday, February 15, 2013

Clipping back

In addition to clipping back the clematis, I am clearing out the closet of clothes someone else may be able to wear.  I have a big box almost filled.  Often things must be cleared out before the new can even be considered.  This applies to a whole range of things, houses and gardens, even lives.  

Today I clip back
The old clematis vine
Next to the front porch.
It will be ready for new growth
When the time comes,
Enough days of warm and light
It will grow green and eventual purple.
Sometimes the old must be clipped
To make way for the new,
Even me (I admit)
If I consider it
From the angle where the sun shines
Just right,
The warm hits the top
Of my head.
I hold the garden clippers.
I consider
Even I
Even I deserve some trimming back
So the new growth
May find its way.

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