Monday, February 18, 2013

Hat display

If You Give a Mouse a least that*s what this reminds me of...  On the way to do paperwork I was thwarted be a locked drawer, and a new computer system which would not allow me access.  When I found the key, I also found something else which ended up being very good.  I am grateful for locked drawers and new computer systems.

Paperwork was on the docket
This morning.
I arrived to find the drawer locked.
This meant I had to find the key.
In the process of finding the key,
I found the program director
Who only knows me
As the mental health volunteer.
She had no idea
I wear other hats.
I showed her
My hat collection.
She had no idea.
Simply no idea.
Absolutely no idea
I wear so many hats.
Paperwork was on the docket
The entire computer network
Was reconfigured over the weekend.
I.T. guys were stationed everywhere.
The drawer was locked.
In the process of finding the key,
I displayed my hats.
Very little paperwork
Got done.

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