Sunday, January 19, 2014

Advent is over

We found our first daffodils at Trader Joe*s this afternoon.  Actually, my beloved found them, and pointed them out to me.  It is good to have a daffodil partner when one is in a low place and not seeing things very clearly.  I am grateful for my beloved who knows the importance of daffodils.

This afternoon I added daffodils
Next to the Nativity,
A reminder of spring
In the midst of snow.
The Christmas tree still has yet
To come down.
This morning*s church bulletin
Offered announcements
For the future
And one announcement declaring
Advent is over,
A way of asking folk
To return their Advent rings
For next year.
Advent is over.
Daffodils grace the area
Next to the Nativity.
When the flowers come full bloom
It will be time
To take down
The Christmas tree,
Store away the ornaments,
Carefully pack up the stone Nativity
Until next year.
Advent is over.
Christmas is over.
Epiphany is underway.
I wait for the light
To come.

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