Saturday, January 11, 2014

I woke this morning

Today is laundry and preparation to leave tomorrow.  The tree was slated to come down today.  Most likely it will wait until next week or the week after.  Today is sufficient for today.  Today I sit and enjoy the squirrels and tree, remember there are others who leave the tree up all of the Epiphany season.  Arise, Shine, the Light has come.  Remember.  See the star on top of the tree? The one your son made in nursery school?  See the star?  The star is still there.

I woke this morning
Better able to see
The squirrels at work
In the melting snow,
The Christmas tree.
It may not come down
Until next weekend.
The house will not suffer
For it.
The cat will still ring the bells,
Hung on the bottom branches,
In his winter
Cat fits.
I will be able to return
To a house still celebrating
Our Savior’s birth
No matter that Epiphany
Will be well
The woman who cleans the house
The day after we have cleaned
For her arrival,
She said yesterday
Sometimes she doesn’t dismantle
Her tree
Until February.
We are in good clean company.
The cat will have his bells.
I will remember Christmas again
When I return home.

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