Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snow #108

All snow is, of course, not alike.  This is snow hitherto unknown.  I name it 108... just because.  I am at work figuring my 11:15 client will not show.  Somehow what matters is that I am here, in my office, prepared for normal things, even if normal things do not come to pass.  I forgot my 2013 calendar at home, though my January 2014 schedule is in it.  I have my 2014 calendar in hand.  It is filled with blank pages, white as driven snow, though I do not know exactly what driven snow looks like.  Perhaps it is snow #109.

Everyone agrees
This is not
Heart attack snow,
But fluff and drift
Almost soap flake snow.
Snow numbered
Of the 107 kinds of snow.
It was never recorded
This snow deserves its own
Particular name.
The sun showed briefly
Through the clouds
At North Avenue
And Glen Ellyn Road.
Snow 108 drifted across
The pale disk
Named itself
Completely new.
Still it falls.

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