Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The cat considers

Today is not as cold as predicted.  The temperature is only -5 F.  Positively balmy.  Still, the sun carries no heat for the cat.  He is still trying every possible heat vent, each of which is next to a window.  I also remember it is time for the windows to be replaced come spring.

The cat considers
The pale patch of sun
Lined across
The living room floor.
The beam
Is weak.
The snow and cold
Muffle any heat
The sun might carry.
The cat
Remembers sun
The way it should be.
He considers different heat vents
On the floor.
I sit in the sun
Pale and weak
Though it is.
I, too, remember sun
The way it used to be.
I, too, remember sun
The way it might be

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