Sunday, January 5, 2014

One by one

We decided to stay home for the 12th day of Christmas... because we could.  There is something wondrous about staying home in the cold and the snow.  Especially now that I have no parish responsibilities, particularly responsibilities to make sure the church lot remains plowed.  I do not miss that one At All.  I do not know whether I will venture out tomorrow.  That remains to be seen.

One by one
We decided not
To go to church
Even though the temperatures
Were not quite as cold
As predicted.
One by one
Each of us is home.
We watch the temperatures drop
From inside.
I consider making soup
Perhaps Indian food
From a microwavable package.
I consider
Reading all the books
I have in the stack
Next to my chair.
But first I watch
The temperatures drop,
The still-decorated tree,
The full Nativity with the kings
Already in place.
I remember the hymns
I heard from my office
Last week,
Hymns rehearsed on the organ
For today.
I hum them to myself
As my beloved
Blows snow
My daughter has retreated
to her hidey hole
One by one we chose
To stay home.

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