Saturday, January 4, 2014


I set up the whole Nativity scene in late Advent this year, including Baby Jesus and the wise men.  My daughter hid Jesus.  We only found him five days after Christmas Day, in the table drawer, where he has always been hidden.  The wise men (numbered four) in our nativity, didn't walk at all this year.  They stood in attendance, waiting for the birth.  They will leave, suddenly, on Tuesday,with the rest of the creche.  Everyone will return to their places.  Even us.

Day eleven
The four wise folk
Wait in bunched attendance
On one side
Of the Nativity scene.
I know.
They traditionally don’t arrive
Until Monday.
We used to have them
Walk across the living room
Until January 6
That day we put everyone away
In a special box
Until next year.
The wise folk
Got a raw deal:
Dropped to their knees,
Handed over the gifts,
Rapidly left
By another way.
They walked
All the way

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