Friday, April 25, 2014

All or nothing

I renewed my driver's license this year.  With my seizure history comes the medical form which asks the neurologist to check off a number of boxes, most of which he has no idea about.  He forgot to check yes or no next to mental illness.  If I'd seen it ahead of time, I would have done it for him.  Alas.  With the State of Illinois, all boxes must be definitively checked, whether the checker knows... or not.

The mental illness box
Was not checked
Yes or no
So the form
Was not complete.
How would the neurologist know
If I am sane?
Sometimes I doubt it
It seems this is not
A yes or no,
Rather a perhaps,
Maybe a probably.
The State does not have a box
For perhaps or probably.
With the State
It is all
Or nothing.

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