Monday, April 21, 2014


On this second day of Easter I woke up thinking Hooray!  Once again, He is Risen!  This was the day, when my children were small, we would go out on a walk scouting signs of new life.  This is the day that life begins again, no matter how much life has gone over the dam, under the bridge. Now is the time to take a breath... and begin again.

I preach short.
I have always
Preached short.
Even thirty years in,
When I preach,
My sermons
Are short.
Years ago,
An associate,
I always thought
I was asked to preach
Christmas and Easter
Because I preached short.
Now I wonder if I was asked
To preach
Because I left room
For breathing.
Perhaps sometimes
There is more to brevity
Than mere brevity.

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