Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Practice needs to be noticed

As I wrote this, I realized it is an illustration of the subject.  In itself, it is practice.  I'm sure something could be written which says it better.  Not today.  Today I remind myself, I listen to others and tell them what I notice.  Today I listen to Jesus saying: Like the tree, like the vine, give yourself more time.  Meanwhile: Great leaves.  

Another week
To remind my clients
And therefore,
To remind myself:
Needs to be noticed.
Is in the effort,
Not in the result.
The fruits of practice
Are not perfection.
The fruits of practice
Are found
Hung on the vine.
Sometimes they are
The expected grapes.
Of course
Sometimes little grows
For now.
Sometimes grape leaves
Are all we get.
Jesus famously said
Give it more time.

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