Wednesday, April 30, 2014


It seems I must still practice making choices.  I know... I do it all the time.  Still, just like every single client I see as a priest, as a therapist, as a spiritual director, as a consultant, just like everyone else in the whole human family, I must practice making choices.  Even me.  Just like everyone else.

He wants to make sure
I know
This is all my choice,
My option to sit
Even dizzy
In the therapy chair.
My choice to sit.
My option
To close my eyes
Imagine what I need
To give words to,
Think of what I want
To keep to myself.
When I leave
It is even my option to see
The great blue heron
Or not
The great blue heron
Streaming just overhead
An exclamation point
In flight.
My option to receive the sign
Or not
My choice
To write
Even this.

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