Thursday, April 10, 2014


St. Mark's didn't reserve Molly the donkey in time, so we will have a pony (or some sort of cross-breed) this year for Palm Sunday.  No worries... we have already reserved Molly for 2015.  At staff meeting I found myself asking about who would sing the Exsultet at the Easter Vigil.  Would you like to do it? came the question.  So the Palm Sunday procession will be led by a pony, and I will sing in the Light of Christ at the Easter Vigil.  A new kind of Holy Week.  We will see where it goes from there.

Lent this year
Has meant the recalibration
Of my brain,
The welcome
Of a new kind of spring.
It has meant
The recognition
That Jesus will ride
A pony this year
Rather than
The requisite donkey
In the Palm Sunday procession.
Lent this year
Has meant the practice
Includes the descent
To dark places,
The ascent to the final light.
This year
At the end of Lent
I will exalt the Light
In the Mozarabic tone.
I may figure
What Resurrection might mean
Even to the tone
Of riding in
On a pony.

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