Friday, May 2, 2014


As I ponder the fact that I am thawing, the news story of the nine blue whales who died when they were trapped in the ice off of Newfoundland hits.  I wonder what is under my ice.  I hope for smaller things than blue whales.

TROUT RIVER, Newfoundland (AP) — The 60-ton carcass of a blue whale is rotting on the shore on Canada's east coast, stinking up a town and triggering fears that it could burst.

I am thawing.
I suspect
I hope
It will be gradual.
I suspect
I hope
No one will die
In the process.
God willing
There are no blue whales
Trapped in my ice.
No dead blue whales
To land on the shore
Of tourist towns,
Spoil the season
With methane bloat.
I am thawing.
No whales please
I pray.
No dead whales.

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