Monday, August 4, 2014


I am sitting here under the soft blue blanket.  I consider what connections I may make today, knowing full well there will be many unplanned encounters.  Today has already brought delightful conversations with the phlebotomist, the pharmacist, a barista, and even the cat.  I consider what connections I may plan today, never knowing exactly what the outcome will be.  It remains to be experienced... all of it.

It’s all about connections:
The ones we choose to make;
The ones that catch us unawares;
The ones that trip us up
In front of Starbucks;
The ones that wait
For the dead of night
Only to come to light
In the soft silver gray
Of dawn.
Connections that grow
With sunlight,
Grow when watered;
With no known meaning
In this time and place,
Only to offer their possibility
So much later.
And sometimes
Never at all.

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