Saturday, August 23, 2014

Oh Bother

It was a good workshop.  I reconnected with people I have not seen for awhile.  I met some new ones.  I learned the difference between mindfulness and grounding.  I came away with at least six more things to read and research.  Then came the question at the end.

What are two things
You’ll apply from this workshop
When you return to work
On Monday?
I got stuck:
On the two things,
On returning to work,
Stuck even
On Monday.
Other than these
Minor things
I recognized
It had the bones
Of a good question.
Other people in the room
Dutifully answered.
I sat stuck on
Two things:
I had only one
Or possibly ten or twenty;
On returning to work:
My work never stops
On Monday:
Most often a day of rest
For me.
Other than these
Minor things,
It was a good question.
Like so many times before,
My answer did not fit
The question’s specifics.
So often I find this:
My answers quickly move
Beyond the specific question.
Oh Bother
To quote Winnie the Pooh.
Oh Bother.

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