Friday, August 15, 2014

The Lasts, The Firsts, The In-Betweens

My daughter's friends are trickling off to college.  We begin the drive in exactly two weeks.  A two day road trip each way.  Lots of firsts and lasts and in-betweens.

We are moving
Through “The Lasts”
Only of course
They are also
“The Firsts”
And even
“The In-Betweens”
Last night
My daughter
My beloved
Spent a night on the town.
I stayed home
Watched TV
Home improvement shows
Criminal Minds.
I opened the doors
To the backyard,
Listened to
Night noises.
This morning I got up
Before the creatures of the night
My daughter
My beloved.
I opened the doors,
Listened to blue jays,
Pondered the two
Sound asleep
Whether this is part of
The Lasts
The Firsts
Or even
The In-Betweens
To be experienced.

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