Saturday, August 2, 2014

Eight acres

This is for the Vicar of Bolingbrook  Thank you, Heidi.  Have a splendid time exploring and experiencing things on your sabbatical.  Goat cheese is not my thing, but I am particularly attached to my backyard, and a particular pair of blue jays who returned this year.  Thank you for reminders of what is important.

Years ago
We bought eight acres
Mostly hill
With a babbling stream
8 acres in Wisconsin.
We would build
Or camp there.
We have seen the land
Maybe three times.
It is just outside
Of Patch Grove,
Down the road
From Boscobel,
Site of the top security prison.
Last year I found
A first cousin, once removed.
She lives in Albuquerque,
Summers on a farm
In southwest Wisconsin
Near that eight acres
In Boscobel.
We should meet there
She said
We should meet
Perhaps in Boscobel
At the A&W.

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