Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Countdown

I have determined to pay attention to every possible minute.  The daughter is upstairs getting ready to go kayaking with her boyfriend's family.  Next Saturday, to my beloved's horror, she and I will get matching tattoos.  Who knows what will happen this week of all weeks, and next week of all weeks.  Then the drive.  The countdown continues.

The countdown continues.
May be the most human thing
We do:
The number of times
We said
Or even thought
I love you;
The number
Of joint pedicures;
The trading back and forth
Of whose choice
To pick where lunch
Will be consumed
No, after you,
After You.
The winning
The losing
The realization that nothing
Is ever really lost
In the whole scheme
Of things.
The countdown continues.
The Days
The Hours
The Minutes.

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