Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Almost snow

I really thought I*d find it last night, walking under the streetlights, on a mission to Walgreens for gold chocolate coins.  It did seem imminent.  Snow pending.  There*s something about waiting... all the particulars become pointers to the possibility.  Kinda like Advent.

I walked to the store last night
In the almost snow.
The streets were wet
With possible winter.
The dark had that
Snow smell.
I knew I would find it
Hidden around the corner
Of the next block.
On the edges
Snow waited to come.
I am still
Waiting it out.
Snow has been sighted
In Michigan:
Two fluffy inches.
My vision continues blurred
With the possibility of snow.
I am dizzy with its scent.
It is almost almost here.
Every morning I look out the window
Sniff the air
For coldness.

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