Thursday, December 22, 2011

Florida living room

I grab space where I can.  This week it is the Florida living room in the morning while everyone is still asleep.  At church it is my office outside of PDO.  It is quiet in the afternoons.  The window and door there open to the outside and inside too.  No swimming pool, no ibis, but the now-lengthening light will be there when I return next week.  Maybe there will even be snow.

It is a different sort of cell,
The Florida living room.
It is mine because everyone sleeps
Until noon.
I can read and write,
Notice the ibis mining the grass
For bugs.
It is silent here.
Everyone sleeps quiet
Or at least they sleep
This Florida living room
Is mine until noon.
There is a door to the inside,
A door to the outside,
A pool outside the screen.
No one swims anymore.
It is kept very clean.
This Florida living room
Is a different sort of cell.
Mine while everyone

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