Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stay awake

This Advent is particularly potent for me.  With the new awareness of partial seizures, I also have new incentive to keep my eyes open.  It seems that if I sense I am going blurry or dizzy, closing my eyes is one of the worst things I can do.  It un-grounds me... not a good thing when I am trying to stay grounded.  I am used to meditating with my eyes shut.  This Advent I am learning the blessedness of keeping my eyes open.  

Stay awake
And for God*s sake
Really I mean it
For God*s sake
Keep your eyes open!

You have no idea when the next thing
Will come around the bend.
The bush may blaze in your front yard.
The waters may part
In the creek out back.
The child who lives in your house
May dance on tiptoe.
Jesus may ring your doorbell
And ask
For a place to be born.

Keep your eyes open
For God*s sake.
You have only begun to see
What needs to be seen.
It is a veritable drop in the bucket.
Water shines even
In an old wooden bucket.

For God*s sake
Stay awake!
Open your eyes!
You have no inkling
When the next thing
Will come around
The bend.

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