Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dark night of the soul

Today is the day we honor St. John of the Cross, the mystic who named the dark night of the soul as part of the spiritual journey.  It does seem fitting that his day comes right before the darkest day, before the world begin turning toward light again.  It is cold and gray and wet (and yes, dark) this morning as I write this.

So close to the darkest day
We see fit to honor
The dark night of the soul
Before the way opens again
To the Light.
It is always darkest
Before the Dawn.
Today it rains.
It seems today is determined to be
As gray and dark as possible.
So close to the darkest day,
Today we pay homage to the dark.
It will allow us to notice
The first glimmer of Light
When it comes.
We wait for
For the leading of the Star
So bright
We can*t help
But follow it Home.

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