Saturday, December 17, 2011

Real snow

Doesn*t it stink that the day it finally snows, we have to leave?  she says.  Yep.  I love the way snow draws attention to the light, particularly on dark days.  Even at night it*s there, doing its job, catching every last bit of light it can capture, illuminating the possibility of change.  At the beginning of snow time, I could probably write a series of O Antiphons about snow, just as today we begin the O Antiphons for Jesus.  Come, O Wisdom.  Come, O Dayspring from on high.  Today I am glad for snowlight making things a bit brighter.

Finally we have
Real snow.
No slight snow dust,
But enough to cover the ground,
Illuminate the trees.
Snow brings change with it
Or at least it catches the light
And with it,
The possibility
That Light may make a difference.

There will be no snow
Where we go today.
We know that when we return
From that snowless place,
Green with palm trees
Strung with Christmas lights,
There will be probably be snow,
Reflecting the light
When we land.
It will catch the light
In that way that snow does.
We will catch the light again.
The snowlight
Will guide us home.

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