Monday, May 26, 2014


My beloved and I are hanging out in the Dells in order to be available, just in case.  We drove around the area last night and discovered a lot of land for sale, beautiful land for sale.  We also discovered that we are staying relatively close to the International Crane Foundation, a place we will revisit this trip.  Maybe Baraboo will even have a fruit plate for me to eat.

We are in the Dells
For Memorial Day
Amidst the winding overgrowth
Of accommodations
Carnival food
Even an outlet mall.
We are In the Dells
We scan the maps
For things to do
Until tomorrow morning.
I seek a fruit plate.
Three hundred acres,
A mile of river front
Is available for sale
Just outside town.
We will visit the cranes
This afternoon.
We are in the Dells
Just in case.
We are surrounded
By carnival food
And waterparks.
I seek a fruit plate.

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