Friday, May 30, 2014

Non-slip socks

 Home again, home again.  Jiggety jig.  We all have things that are our own particular challenges.  It is tempting to want to trade mine for someone else's.  Now I know, however, that I have a seizure cat.  I knew about dogs, but it never occurred to me that the large gray furry cat had it in him.  I am grateful for him and grateful I am home again.

I knew yesterday
Was not good for going anywhere
So I ended up in Emergency
With the nurse my daughter had
Months ago
And hated.
On the neurology unit
 They gave me
Non-slip socks
Safety first they said
Saftety first.
I am home now with the cat
He is glad for my return.
He could market himself
As a seizure pet
Waiting for the next shoe or sock
To drop.
He could market himself
That way
Unless he goes sound asleep in the sun
Like now.

1 comment:

  1. Seek comfort in your cat. All secrets will be kept.