Tuesday, May 20, 2014

La Brea Tar Pits

I have long been fascinated by the La Brea Tar Pits, all the animals preserved in the asphalt, long ago dead, but perfectly preserved.  I think we all carry some version of a tar pit, memories, things unsaid, things which can't be considered until they rise to the surface.

I probably
Have many things to say.
They have gone unsaid.
They allow me to think
If you only knew
This one thing
You could not possibly
Care for me
The way you do.
These things
They rise to the surface
One at a time
Beg to be said out loud.
I never really quite know
What is down there
Until they rise
Like centuries-old animals
Preserved in asphalt
From my own
La Brea Tar Pits.
I have many things encased
Down there
Centuries-old creatures.
They rise from the goo.

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