Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I began writing this for my friend, Matt Gunter, now bishop of Fond du Lac.  I was saddened when he left St. Barnabas because he was one of a very few colleagues who understood my call to be a mediator in this beloved Church of ours.  Now he has been released to be a bishop to the North and beyond.  And me?  I have been released to stay here.  

My friend has been released
To a wider audience.
It seems I have been released
As well,
Released to hear more
One thing at a time
An almost cloistered life
In this blooming burgeoning world
Not hidden quite.
I am a goldfinch
Among the dandelions
I pay attention to each
Yellow bloom
Move on to the next
I am released into life
A cloistered life
But still not hidden
Rather released
As much as my friend.

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