Wednesday, May 21, 2014

White fragrance

I was the Wednesday celebrant this noon.  I rarely do this.  Today was John Eliot, a provisional bracketed saint.  We're trying him out.  I believe his final vote for inclusion in the calendar is at the upcoming General Convention.  We'll see.   Then... home to find a clematis I'd given up for dead with at least six blossoms, fragrant as all get out.  A scan around the yard finds three more clematis I'd given up on, leafing out to beat the band.  It must be the year of the clematis.  Who knew?

I come home
From celebrating a bracketed saint
He has one more vote to go
Before he makes
The semi-official list.
I come home
Find the fragrant white clematis
Clings to the burning bush.
I gave it up for dead
Last year.
Two leaves
Then nothing.
It is finally time
For garden twine,
Time to trim back
The burning bush,
Give white fragrance
Free reign.

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