Friday, May 16, 2014

For what it's worth

I have gradually figured out that I was trying to change vocations, when the vocation as priest has been central all along.  The letters after my name do not matter.  I will keep the CADC because it allows me to maintain liability insurance and signals my interest in assisting those struggling with a range of addictions.  Even though the addictions field has more letters than any other.  I mean: IAODAPCA  (really).  I even know what each letter stands for :).  For what it's worth.  And this is worth a lot. 

For what it’s worth
And it seems worth
A lot
I find myself
And subtracting
Letters after my name
So the letter politicians
Cannot claim me,
Decide my place
In the system of mental health.
I have reclaimed the Church
As my primary home
Its letters and substrates
Its seeming silly ways
To rename basements
And vestibules
Its way of determining
Every single person
A Child of God
No matter what diagnosis
The letter politicians claim,
No matter what.
For what it’s worth
And it is worth more
Than I could ever ask
Or imagine.

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