Saturday, May 24, 2014

Upfront and personal

Today is a splendid day, sunny and the exact perfect temperature.  I awaken knowing the job I interviewed for yesterday is not for me.  The temptation is to wait until either I have to turn them down, or they turn me down.  Upfront and personal, I am a chickadee, plain and simple.  Today I write the letter.

I rejoice in this day.
The chickadees pretend
To be phoebes
In distant trees.
When they show
Up front and personal
Their act dissolves
Back Into reality.
I rejoice in this day.
This is the day
Of my daughter’s prom.
She does not pretend to be
Anything different
Than herself.
I wish I had learned this
I rejoice in this day.
At fifty-nine
I am who I am
Upfront and personal.
I rejoice.

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